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 Halo: Reach Unlockables & Awards

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Halo: Reach Unlockables & Awards   07.08.11 18:08

Scout Helmet

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
The Scout helmet costs 40,000 credits and you have to be at the rank of Captain to equip it.


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Multiplayer Nameplate: Halo 2 Logo

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Unlocked for playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live (closed April 15, 2010)


<P id=cheatid_89740 class="cheat_entry grey">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Odst Logo

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Play the Halo 3:ODST Campaign while connected to Xbox Live


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JFO Helmet

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
The JFO helmet costs 60,000 credits and you have to be Lt. Colonel to equip it.


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<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Zelot Class Elite

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
To unlock the Zelot class elite you must reach the rank of Captain.

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Skulls To Use Before Missions

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
<LI>Iron Skull – Co-Op reverts to previous checkpoint on player death. Single player
death restarts entire mission. (Restart at checkpoints with all of your weapons and
ammo in co-op, but you’ll restart the mission on single player)</LI>
<LI>Black Eye Skull – Shields don’t recharge except from melee attacking enemies.
(Your shield won’t recharge unless you perform a melee)</LI>
<LI>Tough Luck Skull – Enemies always make every saving throw, always berserk,
always dive, never flee. (Every enemy will dodge slower attacks, like needles and
grenades. Grunts will suicide attack and Brutes will charge)</LI>
<LI>Catch Skull – Enemies are grenade happy — 2x as often and 2x as fast. (Lots of
Cloud Skull – Motion sensor disabled with this setting. (No “radar”)

<LI>Famine Skull – Weapons drop 50% less ammo. (Less ammo from picked up
<LI>Thunderstorm Skull – Major upgrade to all enemies. (All enemies have more
<LI>Tilt Skull – Damage tables are modified. (Enemy weaknesses and strengths are
increased — Elite shields are susceptible to nothing but Plasma Pistols)</LI>
Mythic Skull – Double enemy health. (More health for all enemies)

Secondary Skulls

<LI>Blind Skull – HUD and first person arms and weapon are hidden. (Clears the
screen but won’t affect gameplay)</LI>
Cowbell Skull – Acceleration scale from explosions is 3x. (Things fly further)

<LI>Grunt Birthday Skull – Grunts explode as if they were plasma grenades when they
are killed with a headshot. (More explosions = more fun)</LI>
<LI>IWHBYD Skull – Common combat dialog becomes less common, and vice versa.
(Hear rare dialog from computer-controlled players)</LI>

<P id=cheatid_89735 class="cheat_entry grey">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Assault Rifle

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Unlocked if you played the Halo Reach Beta (closed in May, 2010)


<P id=cheatid_89737 class="cheat_entry ">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Halo 3 Logo

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Play the Halo 3 Campaign while connected to Xbox


<P id=cheatid_89738 class="cheat_entry grey">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Marathon Durandal Logo

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Log in at Bungie.net with Marathon Durandal on your recently played games list


<P id=cheatid_89739 class="cheat_entry ">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Mjolnir Mk Vi (master Chief) Helmet

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Unlock any 4 of the Halo (PC), Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST or Halo Reach Beta nameplates

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<P id=cheatid_89741 class="cheat_entry grey">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: Halo: Ce Logo

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Register your Halo (PC) product code at Bungie.net


<P id=cheatid_89742 class="cheat_entry ">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Multiplayer Nameplate: 7th Column Symbol/septagon

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Log in to Bungie.net with your Gamertag/email address


<P id=cheatid_89568 class="cheat_entry grey">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">
Awards For Your Avatar (Avatar Awards)

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
You can get the following things for your avatar:

<LI>Carter’s helmet : Successfully complete a campaign mission on the Legendary
difficulty without dying.</LI>
<LI>Emile’s helmet : Get a Bulltrue medal in Multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking
<LI>Halo Hoodie : Play a full game of any type in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta. Then,
access Halo Waypoint, and browse your Halo career statistics.</LI>
Jorge’s Helmet : Get a Killtacular in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode.

<LI>Jun’s Helmet : Kill 100 enemies in a row, without dying in Campaign or Firefight
Kat’s helmet: Avenge a teammate’s death in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode.


<P id=cheatid_89509 class="cheat_entry ">
<P class="cheat_entry_header ">

<P class=cheat_entry_contents>
Make it Drizzle : Purchase any item from the Armory.

<LI>Doctor, Doctor : Use a Health Pack to recover life after taking body
We’re Just Getting Started : Complete the 2nd mission on Normal or harder.

<LI>An Elegant Weapon… : Kill 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with
the DMR.</LI>
Swap Meet : Trade weapons with an AI ally in Campaign.

Protocol Dictates Action : Complete the 3rd mission on Normal or harder.

That’s a Knife : Perform an Assassination on an enemy.

The Start of Something : Reach the rank of Corporal in the UNSC.

I Need a Weapon : Complete the 4th mission on Normal or harder.

To War : Complete the 5th mission on Normal or harder.

<LI>I See You Favor a .45 : Kill 10 Enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session with the
M6G pistol.</LI>
You Flew Pretty Good : Complete the 6th mission on Normal or harder.

Into the Howling Dark : Complete the 7th mission on Normal or harder.

Dust and Echoes : Complete the 8th mission on Normal or harder.

<LI>Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet : Kill the Elite Zealot before he can escape during
the 5th mission.</LI>
This is Not Your Grave… : Complete the 9th mission on Normal or harder.

<LI>I Didn’t Train to Be a Pilot : Kill 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries during the 8th
<LI>Send Me Out… with a Bang : Complete the 10th mission on Normal or
<LI>The Soldier We Needed You To Be : Complete the Campaign on Normal
<LI>Lucky Me : Earn a Triple Kill while Jetpacking in Campaign, Firefight or
<LI>Two Corpses in One Grave : Kill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during
the 3rd mission.</LI>
Crowd Control : Earn a Killionaire medal in Firefight.

Folks Need Heroes… : Complete the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.

KEEP IT CLEAN : Kill 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.

<LI>They’ve Always Been Faster : Clear the 2nd mission without setting foot in a
drivable vehicle.</LI>
Firestarter : Score 50,000 points in Firefight on any map.

Banshees, Fast and Low : Hijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.

Game, Set, Match : Complete a Firefight set on Legendary without dying.

<LI>Wake Up, Buttercup : Destroy the Corvette’s engines & escort in under 3
minutes in the 6th mission on Heroic or harder.</LI>
Gods Must Be Strong : Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.

<LI>A Spoonful of Blamite : Kill 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a
supercombine explosion.</LI>
Blaze of Glory : Score 200,000 points in Firefight on any map.

Lemme Upgrade Ya : Advance any Commendation to its Silver state.

<LI>Tank Beats Everything : Finish the 9th mission on Legendary with the Scorpion
Heat in the Pipe : Score 1,000,000 points in Firefight on any map.

<LI>A Monument to All Your Sins : Complete each Campaign Mission on Legendary -
Yes, Sensei : Earn a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game.

A Storage Solution : Using the File Browser upload a file to your File Share.

What’s a Killing Spree? : Earn a Killing Spree in multiplayer Matchmaking.

Cool File, Bro : Recommend a file to someone.

An Honor Serving : Reach the rank of Captain in the UNSC.

<LI>Make It Rain : Purchase an item from the Armory that requires the rank of Lt.
<LI>If They Came to Hear Me Beg : Perform an Assassination against an Elite to
survive a fall that would’ve been fatal.</LI>
Score Attack : Score 15,000 points in Score Attack Firefight Matchmaking.

One Down, 51 to Go : Complete a Weekly Challenge.

<LI>Be My Wingman, Anytime : Let a teammate spawn on you 5 times in an Invasion
Matchmaking game.</LI>
A New Challenger : Complete all of the Daily Challenges in a given day.

Skunked! : Win a game of Invasion in the 1st phase.

Knife to a Gunfight : As an Elite, kill 5 Spartan players in Matchmaking.
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Halo: Reach Unlockables & Awards
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