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 Skirts for the thin and dull skin

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Skirts for the thin and dull skin    17.08.11 18:20

Even people with normal skin in this season has more or less does not look bright as before, but the owner has the dull black skin, the more anxious. So you choose for themselves how to show a bit more gentle colors.

Type the appropriate attire to cover your body is confirmed Khiu dress immediately. Especially the dress has many small flowers and beautiful artwork. The pattern will attract the gaze of others instead of taking hard look at the thin part of the body.

What kind of jacket and skirt or instant message strengthen PLI has ranked stylish belt to hide your skinny waist. Also, dress or skirt spread out so well with your posture. Advantages of this dress is able to “fool” of the opposite sense, you’ll look “bold” than many. Absolutely not wear tight body, especially as it will hold zuyp “denounce” your weaknesses.

You should wear the kind of jacket a little wide and comfortable, to create a natural curve. But memory is only just slightly wider, the following is not everyone will think you are “swimming” in the tangle of baggy clothes there.

Also, dress material is also extremely important, you should not choose the texture too soft, attractive. Kaki, Jean or wool is the best choice.

A relatively youthful style that many young people preferred a combination of military Jean jacket with wide distribution to cover the slim waist, and make you charming curves. You can also incorporate additional boot and shoe mu len personality.

Some costume reference samples:

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Skirts for the thin and dull skin
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