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 Charm and style with the fashion brand from Italy OROBLU

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Charm and style with the fashion brand from Italy OROBLU    17.08.11 18:20

The brand product line includes OROBLU OROBLU legwear, bodywear OROBLU, OROBLU for man, OROBLU beachwear.

A special feature of these products are made from knitted materials, patterns and lace with unique patterns, subtle elegance to create definition has just sexy to wear. Also these products are also very easy to mix with a variety of costumes for different styles.

This year, OROBLU launched the Spring Summer Collection beautiful, can satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Speaking to OROBLU, we can learn more: SP International Co. was established in 1973, manufacturers of knitted fashion products for women in the industrial area of ​​Castel Goffredo (Mantua – Italy), a production area 2 / 3 of population consumption in Europe and third world. With the innovative and proactive company to produce a rich variety of products, style and international fashion trends, the company has many great brands and BST.

In particular, OROBLU is a trademark of quality has been confirmed especially in the knitted bodywear. OROBLU is represented in the luxury shops, the most elegant and prestigious in Europe.

Some form of BST OROBLU Spring Summer 2011

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Charm and style with the fashion brand from Italy OROBLU
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