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 Costumes for Women Entrepreneurs

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Costumes for Women Entrepreneurs    17.08.11 18:28


Color plays an important role in creating a professional impression. Red symbolizes the aggressive, confident, strong; gray aura seems conservative; black makes the luxury … The above colors are beautiful up suits, dresses, shoes and appropriate when mixed with the subdued colors such as blue, lilac, pink, ivory. Colorful, flashy patterns reflect the reckless, adventurous of the wearer.


- Clothes should fit the workplace, the appropriate length. Pants are not too wide nor too bundle, especially not to see the fold lines.

- And so broad and long enough for comfortable sitting. Should vest with buttons … It should be noted, clothing, accessories should not attach too much logo looks glitzy and frivolous. A cloak a logo to the look ridiculous.


Jewellery sound like earrings teng walking stick, the loop Ximen inappropriate workplace. You should choose earrings as nail knots, loop one.


Long dangling bags look sleazy, sloppy while style is simple but classy bag will make a tidy picture.

Also, you should pay attention to the small but contribute to the professionalism of you: the nails are always clean cut editing, post-strap shoes, socks non slip, hair neat.

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Costumes for Women Entrepreneurs
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